“IdeaBounce®, an opportunity to share creative, innovative, and maybe just weird ideas.” This event was a great opportunity for students to share their personal, ingenious idea, and for other students to listen to the conveyance of these ideas and see which ones they feel they could use in their daily lives. Judged by Gary Gabriele, Melinda German, Patrick Maggitti, Stacy Martin, Bob Simpson, and Randy Weinstein, each team of freshmen Business and Engineering students did their best to advertise their inventions and come up with the most interesting one.
On Wednesday, November 19, I attended the IdeaBounce event, or ICE challenge, in Driscoll Hall. It was a great experience for me because I was able to see the great ideas my peers had for potential inventions, and it could also stimulate my own mind to think of things I would want to invent. The most important aspect to winning the contest was to appeal to your audience, and since technology and social media are so popular in today’s culture, many teams chose inventions that would assist in these things. Ideas such as SolarCharge, a built-in charger that uses the Sun as its source of energy, and SocialPedia, an application that can single-handedly hold all of your social networks in one place, were my personal favorites in this category based on how much I could really use both of them. Other very inNOVAtive ideas were the PillBot which uses fingerprint technology to administer the proper drug and amount to the patient and also Find A (Perfect) Villanova Extracurricular which would do exactly as the name says by downloading the app and plugging in your personal information and preferences. For more information on any of these or other idea, feel free to go on


After each team presents their ideas, the judges will select winners based on three distinct criteria: the passion of the presentation, the clarity of the idea, and the request for help. Once the judges have put all three of these aspects into mind, they select their top five ideas. Besides the satisfaction of knowing that your idea ranks in the top five among many other very qualified competitors, each winning team receives a prize of $100.


I believe that all Villanova students should attend this event because it can help them to look deeper into their own minds while also allowing them to see the great ideas their fellow Villanovans have come up with. Villanova is one of the top schools in the country which means it possesses some of the brightest minds out there. There is no better way to learn from your peers than listening to them pitch ideas of things they invented because they believe the world could use them for the better. Not only is this event very educational, it is also a lot of fun to watch because each team pitches their idea as if they are on the show Shark Tank and are looking for a loan to start their company. Getting into the business world can be hard, so sometimes it can be easier to come up with your invention and start your career as an entrepreneur. Villanova does a great job in training their students to do just that by having all business and engineering students participate in the ICE Challenge. Even if your team does not make it into the second round, I encourage all of you to watch anyway and see who the top dogs of Villanova really are.


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